Role of DWI Lawyer in Safeguarding Your License and Life

The DWIL lawyer whom you choose to defend your case in the court of law should be aware of all the DUI laws of the state in which you have been booked. This will enable you to understand the nature and intensity of your offense, probable penalties you may face, options and consequences of leading guilty or not guilty, severity of penalties for various age groups and other legal aspects.  Once you have understood these parameters you will be able to stand trial in the court with a clear mind. The probabilities of safeguarding your license and future life increase.

Parameters of DUI Lawyer Selection

DUI Lawyer selection could be a complex process, especially in cases of reckless driving, over speeding, accident, property damage, causing injury, fracture or death. Probable penalties could include jail, fines, suspension of license and others. So you should sit with your DWI lawyer and consider all the possibilities of reducing or suspending your penalty depending on the nature and intensity of your DUI offense.

  • Driving While Intoxicated with alcohol can also put you in a DUI program which is often run by the state health department and monitored by the state police and law enforcing authorities. The objective of this program to decrease the number of repeat offenses.
  • If you happen to be first time offender, you may be asked to undergo three to six months of the program. Repeated offenses may result in more serious forms of punishments and detainment in recovery camps.

Drinking and Driving Points to Discuss with Your DWI Lawyer

  • Ask your DUI Lawyer to explain and clarify the nature and extent of your offense, in case you are not aware.
  • Know about the penalty before pleading guilty or not guilty. Discuss how the penalties could affect your future family, social and work life. Discuss in detail about the probability of license suspension or cancellation.
  • Discuss in detail about the fee structure of your lawyer. If you have financial problems enquire about probability of arranging a loan for you.

Things to Do Before DWI Lawyer Selection

  • Visit DUI lawyers’ websites and search for the right attorney with enough experience to successfully defend your case.
  • Read through the reviews, case studies and feedback about the attorney.
  • Get a quote of Attorney Fees and compare it others in the internet. Here you must also remember to consider the intensity of your offense while negotiating on the fees structure. For example you cannot be too shy of paying the right fees when your offense is related to causing limb injury or bone fracture to another person(s).

Drinking and Driving State Laws

The laws related to drinking and driving vary from Alabama to Wyoming; hence it is important for you to have the basic awareness about them. Though there are many instances when you feel that you don’t need DUI attorney, since your offense seems trivial. However it is safer for you to hire a DWI lawyer if you wish to play it safe in the court of law.