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There are many sources for job leads. Most job seekers search for employment on the job bank, newspaper ads, and various websites. Although these methods are an important part of your job search, many employers rely on their network to fill positions.

Networking is an effective way to make your self known to potential employers as a suitable candidate for current or future job openings. Below you will find resources to help you network effectively. Contact us to book an appointment with a CDS staff member to support your job search efforts.

Job Search Websites (PDF)

  • There are many job search websites. Remember: you can narrow down your search by clicking on ‘advanced search’ to search by industry type, location, or wage.


Hidden Job Market Guide (PDF)

  • The hidden job market is all the places where you can find potential job leads, learn about the labour market, and find new contacts. Use this list to find new sources of job leads you may never have thought of before!


Your Secret Job Search Weapon - Warm Contacts (PDF)

  • The best way to start networking is with the people you know. Family, friends, past co-workers, volunteer groups etc, are some groups of people in your warm contact list. Remember – you are not necessarily asking your contacts for a job – you are asking for suggestions, ideas, new contacts, and enlisting them as an extra set of ears and eyes for job opportunities.


Cold Contacts

  • Cold contacts consist of people you do not know. They can be referrals from family or friends, or come from your research of potential employers (newspaper, yellow pages, company websites etc.).


Informational Interview

  • A networking technique called Informational Interviewing. Job hunters have used this technique to find unadvertised positions. 63% of jobs are found through this type of conversation. They can be conducted with warm or cold contacts.


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