Welcome to Crossroads Animal Clinic

The Crossroads Animal Clinic is a safe haven for your pets where they get treated for illnesses and diseases of various types and order. The process of treatment is complete with physical diagnosis of the pet, understanding its behavior, testing the blood and urine samples, study of the symptoms and preparation of diagnosis reports. The specialists then proceed to prescribe the medication and treatments according to the diagnosis reports. They take care of avoiding any type of chemical, dangerous drugs, steroids or other harmful elements in the medication. The experts recommend surgery only when it is unavoidable. Once you have brought your pet to the Crossroads Animal Clinic you can be relaxed about the faster healing and recovery within the shortest possible span of time.

Crossroads Animal Clinic – The Infrastructure

One of the most attractive features of Crossroads Animal Clinic is its infrastructure. This center houses the latest of equipment, machinery and tools needed for diagnosis, therapy, treatment, surgery and other related procedures. The technical experts conduct frequent maintenance tasks to keep them under working conditions.

  • Medical Team: – The medical team at Crossroads Animal Clinic is highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of pet care. They have been through complete training wherein they have cured many seemingly impossible types of allergies, disorders and diseases. Having such vast experience they know the inside out of every pet they treat at the center. The coordination between teams responsible for diagnosis, testing, treatment, surgery and therapy makes it simpler and faster for your pet to get healed.
  • Medical Supplies: – All the medical supplies including medicines, instruments, first aid kits and others are checked for quality at Crossroads Animal Clinic. The experts keep the guidelines of the state and federal laws while dealing with animals. They ensure availability of only genuine products for the pets during the recovery period. For example you can consider the pet foods, clothing, bed and other related fabrics. All of them are certified for best quality by the independent veterinary experts working for the state and federal governments.
  • In-House facilities: – The Crossroads Animal Clinic is well known for the in-house facilities provided to your pets, including the beds, ventilation and air conditioning, hygienic environment and dedicated staffs for pet care during in-house treatments, surgery and post surgical recovery period. You will be surprised to find an entire dedicated team in the facilities.

Crossroads Animal Clinic – Commitment to Care

 The doctors and medical experts at Crossroads Animal Clinic are committed to pet care in all the aspects. Hence the costs at the center are kept at the minimum possible levels. You will be pleased to know the savings you make on the medicines, treatment procedures, surgery and the post treatment medications.

You   can contact the emergency helpline at Crossroads Animal Clinic round the clock. The staffs attend to your pet problems immediately and take measures to protect them from further damages in cases of emergencies. Make sure you contact the helpline immediately in cases of emergencies to get the best possible help from Crossroads Animal Clinic.